MakeX - version list

27-11-07 MakeX can now produce a .URMS file containing rms bond length variations calculated from crystallographic thermal parameters in a .CIF file.
20-11-08 A problem with reading .CIF files from CrystalWeb was fixed. (Coordinates of last atom were lost.)
26-11-08 A problem with long Wyckoff codes (e.g. 192i) was fixed.
27-11-08 MakeX can now accept .CIF files with an incomplete set of anisotropic thermal factors.
2-12-08 MakeX now offers the choice of using anisotropic or isotropic thermal factors to produce a .URMS file.
A format problem with partial occupancies was corrected.
16-10-09 If .CIF file contains no multiplicity value then act accordingly.
Cope with .CIF files from Karlsruhe repository.

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