Welcome to the Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) pages at the ISIS facility.

RMC is a general method for modelling the structures of disordered materials - liquids, glasses, amorphous materials, disordered crystals - based on experimental data from neutron diffraction, X-ray diffraction and EXAFS. Constraints based on chemical information, NMR, EPR etc can be applied to models. RMC can also be used to model magnetic structures.

The site contains programmes and information that can be used freely for non-commercial applications. All use should be acknowledged in a reasonable way when the results of research using RMC programs are published, and this Web page should be referenced.

At the moment this site only contains windows executable for the older programs.  Linux and Mac version are now available for the new version of RMCProfile.



Version 6 of RMCProfile is now available for download. This new version is a major upgrade of the code to Fortran 95 and includes a new input and output format better memory handling and other new features. The fitting of EXAFS data will be added shortly. Windows, Mac and Linux version are now available.

The main developer of this version has been Martin Dove (Cambridge, UK).

The full team of developers on this version are Matt Tucker & Stefan Norberg (ISIS, UK), Andrew Goodwin, Martin Dove & Toby White (Cambridge, UK) and Victor Krayzman & Igor Levin (NIST, USA).