The purpose of this program is to read in a set of data which has already been focused and saved by GEMSQRAW (or by the WRITEFILE program). To use this program type abc=readfile() where abc is the chosen name of the WorkspaceArray to which the data will be read. You will then be prompted for the run number. If you wish you can specify the sample run number in the command line by typing data=readfile(216) or ccl4=readfile(nrun=6914) for example. By default a file extension of .SQR is assumed, but this can be changed by using the parameter ext: for example by typing a=readfile(7604,ext="sum") . In this way ATLAS files or GUDRUN files may be read into OpenGenie.


The purpose of this program is to save a GEM WorkspaceArray to a file. To use this program type writefile data where data is the  WorkspaceArray to be saved (this may have been produced by the programs GEMSQRAW, READFILE or GEMFOCUS). The files created by WRITEFILE may be read back into OpenGenie by use of the READFILE command. By default the file created will be an OpenGenie intermediate binary file with extension .SQR . A file with a different extension can be created by using the parameter ext . The parameter filetype may be set to g2, g3 or ascii, in order to create either a Genie v2 intermediate binary file, an OpenGenie intermediate binary file or an ascii file of the same format as used by the GUDRUN programs. Here are some examples showing how to use the writefile program:

writefile bank ext="soq" filetype="g2"
writefile sio2 filetype="ascii" ext="dat"
writefile data filetype="g3"

Last updated on 26 Feb 2003 by Alex Hannon (a.c.hannon@rl.ac.uk)