4.3 Running Genie/OpenGenie on GEM

Genie is a program for the display and manipulation of spectra. There are now two different Genie programs available at ISIS:

  1. The original Genie program, known as "Genie version 2". The manual for Genie v2 is available here: html file , pdf file
  2. The new Genie program, known as "OpenGenie". Click here for the ISIS Computer Group's web page for OpenGenie.

Running Genie on a VMS Computer

If you are logged on to a VMS computer, using the GEM username then...

type GEN (or GENIE) to start Genie v2

type OGEN (or OPENGENIE -L) to start OpenGenie

If you are trying to run Genie from your own username then the following considerations may apply:

  1. It may be necessary to type GEN/DEV=MOTIF to start Genie v2 successfully (you can tell whether Genie v2 has started successfully by looking for the GKS window or icon).
  2. You will not be able to produce any graphics unless a display has been created (this applies to both Genie v2 and OpenGenie). You can find out if a display has been created by typing SHOW DISPLAY. If you need to create a display, then this may be done by typing SET DISPLAY/CREATE/NODE=GEM/TRANS=DECNET . This will allow you to display graphics on the GEM computer - if you need to display the graphics on some other computer then you should replace GEM in /NODE=GEM with the name of the desired computer. In some cases it may be better to use TCPIP transport protocol, specified by /TRANS=TCPIP .
  3. If you are using the GEM VMS computer then it may be necessary to set the security on the GEM computer to allow access to your username.

Printing graphics from GENIE is described here.

Running Genie on a PC

og_icon.gif (1059 bytes) To run OpenGenie on a PC, click on the icon wherever you can find it. Genie v2 only runs on VMS computers and cannot be run on a PC.

For information about installing OpenGenie on a PC, please click here.

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