4.6.1 GEMSQRAW: Installing the software on a PC

To install the GEMSQRAW OpenGenie software on a PC running a windows operating system, do the following...

  1. Install OpenGenie on your PC.
  2. Download gemsqraw.zip
  3. Unzip this zip file - it is recommended that you use the folder names in the zip file (these directories contain GEM data, procedures, sections of the GEManual, modules, tables, and smoothed vanadium data).
  4. Add environment variables to c:\autoexec.bat as detailed here. A re-boot will have to be done at some point after this.
  5. Modify the file c:\Program Files\CCLRC ISIS Facility\Open GENIE\src\gcl\default_genieinit.gcl to contain the following line:
    load _getenv("gcl")+"genieinit.gcl"
    ( If this file does not already exist, then you should create it yourself.)
    If this line is the last line in the file then you must add a carriage return at its end.
  6. Change the extensions of the files in c:\gemsqraw\progs from .ex_e to .exe 
  7. The following .RAW data files are included in the zip file to allow for immediate testing of the software: 
    216-CCl4, 220-vanadium, 222-YAG. (To test the software type GSQ 216 220 or GSQ 222 220 in OpenGenie)
  8. Copy the binary .RAW files into the chosen data directory

Last updated on 14 May 2009 by Alex Hannon (a.c.hannon@rl.ac.uk)